You may already have an existing Alarm System in your home. Lets us service your system for as little as £60.00 per year


Your home may already be pre-cabled by the builder, this is very common in houses built in the last 15 years.

Ever wondered what those blanking plates are in the corner of your rooms? 

We can confirm cables and install a complete wired alarm system from only  £399.00

If you haven't got any existing cabling, we can still install a wireless system for the same price.



We can service your existing CCTV System from £60.00 per year

However, if we  service your Alarm and CCTV Systems on the same visit, then we can do both from £80.00 per year


Wherever possible, we will always try to fit a wired IP CCTV System.  We beleive that a hardwired connection is far more reliable and versitile when choosing the type of cameras to be used. 

Our systems start with a 2 camera system which would be cabled back to an onsite recorder. This recorder would be linked to your broadband router, thus enabling you to view remotely from your phone or tablet.

We can supply and install this system from only £399.00 



Lincs Alarms can service your Intercom and Access Control System from £60.00 per year 


Intercom Systems are not always possible to be wired unless existing cabling is re-used or ducting is installed between the house and gates. If no cabling is availiable then we would recommend a GSM Intercom. This type of unit can pick up power at the gate end, then use mobile phone technology to call any landline or mobile phone. The gate can then be released from the phone.

Please contact us for further details

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