Top Security Lighting Tips for Commercial Properties

Commercial Security Lighting

Security lighting is an essential part of a comprehensive security plan for any commercial property.

Not only does it enhance visibility, but it also aids in deterring potential intruders, boosting surveillance capabilities, and ensuring the safety of employees and guests.

At Lincs Alarms, we pride ourselves on providing expert advice to help bolster the security of your commercial property with well-considered lighting strategies. Here are our top tops for security lighting on commercial properties so you can keep your workspace safe:

Start With A Comprehensive Lighting Assessment

Before rolling out new lighting solutions, it’s crucial to conduct a thorough assessment of your current system.

This should include a complete examination of existing fixtures, brightness levels, coverage areas, and potential blind spots.  A comprehensive evaluation enables informed decisions about necessary enhancements and upgrades.

Implement A Multi-Level Lighting Approach

Commercial security lighting requires a multi-layered strategy. Start with base ambient lighting to ensure overall visibility on your premises. Incorporate task lighting at areas of work activity, such as entry points and loading bays.

Finally, utilise accent lighting to highlight architectural elements or landscaping. Not only does this offer better illumination in these areas, but also acts as a deterrent for unauthorised access.

Choosing the Right Lights

We recommend LED lights for their durability, energy efficiency, and exceptional brightness.

Opt for fixtures with motion detectors in areas that don’t require constant lighting as it saves energy and promptly responds to movements.

Solar-powered lights make an eco-friendly choice for locations where wiring could be challenging or in areas where a wireless system is preferred.

Aligning Lights for Optimal Coverage

Appropriate placement is key to effective security lighting. Ensure lights align perfectly to cover all crucial areas without creating shadows or glare. Entrances, exits, and boundaries should be well-lit.

Installing lights at the right height and angle minimises dark corners and prevents tampering, enhancing security in all areas.

Integration with Security Systems

Your security lighting should be synchronised with your CCTV setup to enhance visibility and improve camera performance during the night.

Consider infrared floodlights for superior nocturnal vision without causing light glare.

Routine Monitoring and Maintenance

A security lighting system, no matter how well-planned, can fall short without proper maintenance. Consistent upkeep ensures your lighting system operates at its best when you need it most.

Embrace Smart Lighting Technology

Smart lighting equipped with remote control and customisation capabilities offers an additional level of security and convenience.

Automated lighting sequences can be used to mimic activity on premises when unoccupied, deterring potential criminals.

Understanding Legal Requirements

Ensure your security lighting complies with local laws, particularly concerning light pollution and disturbance to neighbours. This ensures socially considerate security practices.


In conclusion, efficient security lighting goes beyond mere installation – it requires careful planning, strategic alignment, and regular maintenance to ensure maximum protection on site.

With careful consideration and planning, security lighting not only protects your assets but also your employees and is a legal requirement for many sectors. Security lighting is something commercial sites need to take seriously. Implementing the strategies in this guide can enhance security at commercial properties and offer greater protection to assets, properties and people.

At Lincs Alarms, we understand that each commercial property presents unique security challenges. Our team is ready to help you identify and implement the best security lighting solutions for your business and can handle all requirements.

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