How to Keep Your Home Safe When its For Sale

Our Top Tips on How to Keep Your Home Safe

When trying to sell your property, security needs to be a primary concern. Burglary is still a major issue in many areas, so it is important to be vigilant about keeping your home protected.

Without much effort, a thief can target your home and make off with valuable personal items. Even worse, they can access information such as bank accounts or credit cards that can lead to identity theft if unsecured.

Here are some top tips on how you can protect your home when it’s for sale.

Hide Your Valuables

Protecting your valuables is an essential element of home security, particularly when your house is on the market.

When hosting viewings and open houses, people are naturally curious, so it’s important to ensure that any valuable items you own or have stored in your home remain out of sight and secure.

Disguising or locking away items such as jewellery in a safe place will help relieve any potential stress or worries you may have about theft during the selling process.

In addition to this, make sure to keep charging cords and accessories hidden too, as these can be indicators that high-priced items like laptops or tablets may also be present in the home.

Lock Your Home

It really goes without saying that you should always lock up your property – regardless of whether you’re inside or out of the house.

If your home is for sale, make sure to lock all doors and windows, making sure that these are still locked once a viewing is complete.

Otherwise, you could risk potential burglars unlocking entrances to your home during a viewing so they can come back at a later time.

If you’re no longer living in the property that’s for sale, you could consider installing entry sensors or an alarm system to keep your home more secure when it is empty.

Remove Family Photos

Many estate agents advise sellers to remove family photos as part of the staging process, but removing photos can also help protect your family’s privacy.

Remove Sensitive Documents

When marketing your home for sale it is important to remember the value of stored sensitive documents.

Financial documents, especially those of a high value, should be taken off-site before potential buyers arrive to view your property.

By doing so you can eliminate any chance of them falling into the wrong hands and reduce any possibility of financial harm coming from identity theft.

Beware of unexpected visitors

When your house is for sale, should you get unexpected visitors at your front door and you weren’t expecting any viewings, don’t let them in.

This is not the proper procedure for viewings. Only your appointed estate agent who has made an appointment should gain access to your home.

When returning home after a viewing or an open house, don’t assume that everyone has left and that the house has been secured.

Walk through the entire house, checking each room, as well as all door locks and windows – even upstairs.

If you notice anything that’s missing or possibly damaged, call your estate agent immediately.

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