Security Tips for Ground Floor Flats

Security Alarms

Having a monitored security alarm installed in your ground floor flat can be one of the best ways to keep your property safe.

Make sure it is fitted correctly and that you are familiar with how to use it. Be sure that the alarm system covers all windows and doors, including any patios, balconies or garage doors.

You should also get a contract from your provider as well as regular checks on the system to ensure everything is working properly.

It is important to make sure everyone living in the flat knows how to arm and disarm the alarm system and is familiar with its operation.

This will ensure everyone’s safety in the event of an emergency or unwanted visitor. At Lincs Alarms we can quickly and efficiently install and maintain your burglar arms.


Another way to add an extra layer of security to your ground floor flat is to install CCTV cameras. This will help deter any potential intruders as they will know that their every move is being recorded.

You can also access the footage remotely, allowing you to instantly see who is on or near your property when you are away from home. CCTV is a cost-effective and easy to use security measure.

Our team at Lincs Alarms have years of experience in installing and maintaining CCTV systems for both commercial and residential customers.

Keep doors locked

This may sound obvious, but it can be surprisingly easy to forget to lock your door if you are in a rush. Make sure to use secure locks on all external doors and windows, as well as any internal connecting doors or patios.

Installing a deadbolt on your main door can add an extra layer of security, making it harder for someone to gain entry.

Balcony and Garden Security

If you have a balcony or garden in your ground floor flat, it’s important to make sure that it is secure.

This could include installing motion sensor lights and gates for added security. You should also make sure any items of value are locked away securely to avoid theft or damage.

Additionally, you should also consider planting shrubs and hedges near the perimeter of your property as an extra deterrent for intruders. However, if you do this ensure that they are not blocking any security cameras.

If your landlord is responsible for maintaining the outside area, notify them if you notice any overgrown plants or unsafe conditions. Don’t hesitate to ask for changes, as your safety should always come first.

Ring Doorbell

Installing a Ring Doorbell can add an extra layer of security to your ground floor flat. The Ring Doorbell is a security system that uses innovative technology to give homeowners added protection against intruders and peace of mind.

The doorbell sends alerts to your smartphone when someone presses it or triggers its motion sensors. You can remotely view video footage recorded by the device at any time.

This product is perfect for people who need to enhance their home security quickly. The Ring Doorbell is a great tool to protect your family and property with its easy-to-follow setup process, efficient motion sensors, and advanced video technology.

At Lincs Alarms we offer Ring Doorbell installation in Spalding and the surrounding areas.

Keep valuable items out of sight

Valuables such as laptops, TVs and jewellery are a target for burglars. Try to keep these items out of sight or locked away when not in use.

If possible, install blinds on your windows to prevent potential thieves from peering into your flat and seeing any expensive items inside.


Installing motion sensor lights outside your property is another great way to deter intruders.

These lights go off when someone walks by them, providing a visual deterrent as well as an element of surprise.

Additionally, it can be helpful to make sure your exterior lighting is on at night to create the illusion that someone is inside your flat.

Keep spare keys in a hidden location

It’s important to always keep your spare keys in a secure location, as this is the fastest way for an intruder to gain access to your flat.

For example, leaving them under your doormat is a bad idea as it is most likely the first place a potential intruder would look.

Try to keep them in a place that is not easily accessible, but you would still be able to find them if needed.

Window Security Bars

Installing security bars on your windows is an effective way of deterring intruders. Window security bars are designed to be strong and durable, making it impossible for anyone to break in.

They also act as a visual deterrent, making potential burglars think twice before attempting to enter your home.

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