Setting Texecom Premier Elite Alarm Panel

Video transcript:

This is a quick walkthrough on how to set and unset the Texecom Premier Elite Alarm Panel

Hello there, I’m Mark from Lincs Alarms, and today I’m going to show you how to set and unset your Premier Elite Alarm Panel. So if we take a quick look at a keypad, normally when you look at it on the display you should have the company name at the top and then date and time underneath, and that’s saying that everything’s okay.

If you want to set the alarm using the code, all you have to do is put your code in.
In this case it’s 1 2 3 4. I wouldn’t recommend you leave it on 1 2 3 4, but that’s what we’re using for today. And it comes up with ‘Do you want to arm system?’ And the answer is yes, because we’re going out. We just press the tick button to say yes and the system will start setting.

Go out your front door and shut the door behind you. This system is on final door set so it means that once it’s seen the front door shut, it will set within 8 to 10 seconds and you can hear that tone has now stopped. That means everything is set and we’re all ready to go. When you go back in again, obviously going through your entry door (if you’re going through any other door, possibly the alarm will just go off).

In this case, the only entry route into this property is through the front door. So over by the front door that starts the entry timer, all we have to do to turn it off is put in our code 1 2 3 4 – systems off and then you can go about your business. Now a lot of these panels have got what they call a quick set option, which is this area button here. So it works on the parts set as well. But for today’s video, the area set which is labelled just on the flat there as ‘area’ that is basically for most domestic systems your full set button. So if quick set is enabled, if you press that button, that’ll start the exit timer and then again, we go out the door. Obviously normally you’ve locked your door, we won’t lock it this time cause we’re only demonstrating. Now shut the door. It’ll set within 10 seconds. System’s now set. Go back in through the entry door.

And again, all we do to turn it off is put the code in. I always say slow and firm on the keys. Don’t try and rush the code in. Just make sure you get a good press on the key and you hear it bleep under your finger and you know it’s accepted the digit. So just recapping, using that quick set option, although you don’t need a code to set it, you will need a code when you come back in again. So that’s setting, using your codes and the quick set option.

Now the other option on the keypad is using a fob. They call this fob set. Now again, if you’ve got quick set option set up, then you don’t need the fob to set it. You can just press your full set button and then set it in the normal way.

If you want to use your fob though to set and unset the system, so you literally don’t want to touch the keypad, you just want to use your fob, or perhaps you’ve got a cleaner who you’ve given a fob to. Then to set the system and unset the system using a fob. Present the fob first time and it will come up with saying it’s my tag.

And then it’s saying, do you want to arm system? If I present it again, it just starts setting,

Go out the front door. Again, it sets in the normal way. Shut your door and lock it. As soon as the front door’s shut, after 8 to 10 seconds, system will set because it’s seen that the front door shut. When you go back in again, enter through the front door.

The keypad will be bleeping away and all you do is present the fob and that system onset using the fold. When you are using the fob, just be wary not to wave it around in front of it cause it can’t see it. The only way it’s going to see it is if you press it and just present it and hold it there. If you wave it about, it will struggle to see it. So it’s just something to bear in mind.

So that’s setting and unsetting a Premier Elite Panel using the keypad. Thank you.

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